How is Bowenwork Unique
The Bowen technique is unique when compared to many other forms of body work as noted below.

• Bowenwork is a noninvasive technique which does not impose
structural changes on the body. Instead it allows the body to rebalance itself naturally making it more likely for the body to retain the benefits gained.

• Generally the body is addressed as a whole, encouraging changes
throughout the body in addition to the problem presented.

• Its gentle, noninvasive nature makes it safe for anyone from
newborns to the elderly to be worked on.

• Only a limited number of sequences are needed each session, so
the technique is simple to do and is easy on the patient.

• Although maintenance sessions are beneficial, Bowenwork is not
generally a long term program. In many cases only a small number of sessions are necessary to address most acute problems. Chronic problems will more often require more time.